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As the number of computers and laptops at home continue to increase, home computer networking has become essential to enable you to take advantage of sharing your broadband connection, access files, music & pictures on different machines, use resources such printers connected to other computers and lots more. There are many different ways to network your home computers such as - wired, power over mains, wireless or a combination of all three. Consoles such as Nintendo Wii and XBOX 360 can also be connected to such a network.

Wireless technology offers you Internet and network access anywhere in your office, home and garden. The big advantage of WiFi is its simplicity. You can connect computers anywhere in your office, home and garden without the need for wires.


The benefits of setting up wireless networking in your home are you can:


A big disadvantage of Wireless Networks is that they can be very insecure, by default. Rather than spend hours trying to set up the network yourself, call or contact us now and we could install and secure your wireless network.


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