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Is your PC annoying slow? Unable to run some of the newer programs you want to use? Is your computer several years old? Is it too slow to start up? Are you running out of space? Modern software tends to drain a computer of more and more resources, upgrading your current computer could cost half as much you would expect to pay buying brand new, yet give you the same increase in performance.

Why not call or contact us today and see how much you can save! If it is not cost-effective to upgrade your current computer we can provide a quotation to replace your computer.


Too expensive to upgrade? Fancy a new computer, but on a budget?

We build computers to specification as well as sell brand new ready built computers to order. Let us know your budget and specification and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

Feel free to call or contact us for further information.


We provide a range of Computer and IT services from:


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