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Many people think that pc repairing can be fairly costly and that they are better of buying a brand new machine but here at GST Enterprises we think differently. Many computer problems are software related and require no additional purchases to correct. We pride ourselves in offering the most competitive prices in Leeds.



The bane of modern computing, Viruses are on the increase and it is more important than ever to ensure you are protected. Viruses can destroy your data, allow others access to your personal details (including banking information), slow up your computer and internet connection and generally be a nuisance in everyday computing tasks.

Your PC is under attack from every angle, you might not know it, but it is. You borrow a DVD from a friend and place it in your DVD drive – how do you know it doesn't contain a virus? You surf the internet and download your e-mails, these are just two of the easiest ways to pick up viruses.



Spyware, Adware and Malware have become a major problem for home PC users. Not only do these programs slow up your PC, spy on your computing habits and spam you with endless pop-ups and junk email they can also cost you money!

People are always interested in what other people get up to, and there are people out there who are particularly interested in what you use your home PC for. Especially if you use on-line banking facilities or purchase items over the internet. By installing spyware without you even knowing, people can see which keys you press, see which website's you visit and lots more.

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